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Afena Capital is an independent investment management firm that was established in 2005 and currently operates in South Africa. We are a multi-disciplinary firm with a focus on equity, fixed income and multi-asset class investment strategies. The clients that we serve include institutional clients such as retirement funds, medical aid funds and insurers, as well as individual private clients. We are a majority black owned..

Market Insights June 2016

Following a shaky start to the year in January, the first quarter of 2016 will be fondly remembered as a ‘risk-on’ rally, which saw the broad basket of risky assets gain favour amongst investors with a consequent outperformance of less risky assets. The key triggers for this renewed risk appetite was a change in tone from the U.S. central bank (Fed); signalling a more subdued outlook for U.S. interest rate hikes (than previously guided), increased monetary stimulus from the European central bank (ECB) and the Chinese government allaying market fears of a marked slowdown in China’s economic growth.